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Welcome to the River !
Come in and join the fun !

Our Next Upcoming Event:
Beach Party 2014
For printable version click here!
Come for a day of family fun on the River !
Saturday July 19th, 2014
Band starts at 4pm, beach party ends when fire goes out

Location: Note that "Pillars Beach" as it is frequently called is located
upstream from Edgewood Rd bridge about 2 miles. It is the first island with
navigable water (most of the time) on both sides. Due to changing water levels
and changing beaches, the location may change with little notice.
Check back here or talk to a club member that afternoon for updates.
Don't forget to do a safety check on your boat for lights, fire extinguishers etc.
Be safe and Boat at your own risk.

See the Schedule tab for complete schedule of this year's event! Please sign up for our Boat Parade and Drag Doat Races! For more info
click here!

Please Note: the forms for Venetian and Drag boat are not updated for 2014.
The format will be very similar to the wildly popular event in 2013.
Check back soon for updates.
Meanwhile, you can still use the links for the 2013 info and forms.
River level River Level chart courtesy of NOAA